This event is a celebration of the work and the life of Claude Elwood Shannon (1916 – 2001), exactly in the year of his 100th birthday. Shannon is, certainly, one of the most brilliant and revolutionary minds of the past century, and the impact of his work on this information age of ours is remarkable. But, in addition to that, Shannon was a “renaissance man”, with a vast scope of academic and personal interests ranging from communication theory and artificial intelligence to juggling and building automata. We hope, with the plenary talks, the hack day, the technical exposition, the expert discussion and the chess tournament to present this outstanding figure and his achievements to a new public and to stimulate the intellect and the sensitivity of those who have already had contact with him.

Enjoy the event and this website, which contains all the necessary information to follow everything that will take place.

May 19th and 20th, 2016

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